Introducing Creating Tomorrow's Forests Partners

Introducing Creating Tomorrow's Forests Partners

Now that our Charlotte's Wood site is flourishing in the summer sun, we thought it would be great to highlight some of the ways in which our partners are working with us to plant trees and restore habitat in the UK. Businesses work with us to offset carbon emissions, plant trees on behalf of employees, link product sales to trees, and to improve their environmental impact. Sustainability is becoming a critical issue for businesses and the partners we work with have a great sense of responsibility for their impact on the planet.

There is an increasing urgency around taking measures to address the climate change and biodiversity loss crises, and creating or restoring forests is one of the best ways of tackling both. At Creating Tomorrow’s Forests we focus on creating habitats that are high in biodiversity, bringing a range of ecosystem services for wildlife and people.

Wayfarer tree at Charlotte's Wood. Photo credit: Creating Tomorrow's Forests

One of the benefits of planting in the UK is that we can invite our members to our sites to engage with nature and understand the amazing intricacy of the ecosystem around them. This interaction with nature drives our motivation to protect it and provides us with considerable health and wellbeing benefits. We are very much looking forward to welcoming more partners to our sites and demonstrating in person how their investment in natural capital is flourishing.

Sitting Spiritually

Sitting Spiritually of Lyme Regis create beautiful wooden garden swing seats, pergolas, garden benches, and rope swings. Their reputation is such that they are the only bespoke swing & bench maker licensed by the Royal Horticultural Society. Each piece is handcrafted by a team of artisans and finished to an exceptional standard to create durable, high quality garden furniture.

Photo credit: Sitting Spiritually

Wood is the most ecologically responsible material that Sitting Spiritually can use for their seats. All of their wood is FSC certified to guarantee sustainability and by planting a tree for every seat purchased, they are further assuring that their business impact is nature positive. Customers can enjoy a beautiful addition to their garden whilst knowing that their seat has a positive environmental footprint.

Photo credit: Sitting Spiritually

“The planet’s resources are limited, so it’s vital that we, as a business, put back what we take out. By committing to ecologically sound habitat creation projects like Creating Tomorrow’s Forests, we want to assure our customers that we’re serious about environmental issues.”

Photo credit: Sitting Spiritually

For more information about Sitting Spiritually’s amazing products and to sign up to their newsletter head to


SEGA are one of the world’s leading interactive entertainment companies, with five world-class studios, spanning the UK, France and Canada, contributing to help put the products the studios develop into the hands of gamers globally. They have won the hearts of many generations…some through their iconic blue and white hedgehog and for others, it’s their recent titles like Football Manager or Total War. They are a family of gaming enthusiasts, creators, technologists, artists and innovators building a company where brilliant minds thrive, take risks and dream big. Collaboration and uncompromising quality is at the heart of everything they do.

Photo credit: Creating Tomorrow's Forests

To celebrate World Earth Day 2021, SEGA Europe planted a tree for each one of their employees – one tree representing one employee. SEGA are also looking to plant a tree for each new member that joins in the future. The company hopes to inspire positive environmental change as the UK recovers from the pandemic.

Photo credit: Creating Tomorrow's Forests

Gary Dale, CEO at SEGA Europe, said “We hope this will encourage other companies to get involved in this concerted effort to help reduce the carbon footprint of big businesses. We also hope this will inspire our own teams to be more environmentally conscious. Creating Tomorrow’s Forests are actively trying to make a difference in building a sustainable future for our woodlands, and we are delighted to play a small part in that.” 

For the latest news from SEGA, please visit their website

Safeguard Wills

Safeguard Wills was established in 2019 and offers a comprehensive range of will writing services. Over 60% of the UK population either do not have a will or have an outdated one, but with Safeguard Wills’ expertise it is easy to navigate complex processes such as lasting power of attorney, probate, tax planning, and life interest trusts. They are a proud member of the Society of Will Writers, which protects the interests of the consumer and provider with a strict code of conduct and ethics.

The Safeguard Wills team at Charlotte's Wood. Photo credit: Safeguard Wills

Safeguard Wills plant a tree with us for every will they write, so their customers are leaving a natural legacy as well as securing the future of their loved ones. We were delighted to welcome Safeguard Wills to Charlotte’s Wood in June and show them how their invaluable contribution is translating into growing trees.

Simone exploring the biodiversity at Charlotte's Wood with Safeguard Wills. Photo credit: Safeguard Wills

“When we look at different partner companies to work with, it is vital that we find those who are conscious about the effects they have on the environment around them, after all, we all have to live on the planet together for now at least! Having discovered Creating Tomorrow’s Forests, we loved the fact that they plant in the UK and we were able to go and visit the site to see how our contributions, made possible by our clients, were being used. The Safeguard Will’s team cannot wait to visit again in the future and watch this natural space develop into a wild habitat, it is a true privilege to be able to give back and assist in making the future just a little bit greener. We are also aware in our industry that whilst we use minimum paper and travel as little as possible, this is sometimes unavoidable so to offset some of the impact makes everything more viable.”

For more information on the range of services offered by Safeguard Wills, have a look at their website


Padfield crafts the finest leather accessories exclusively made in England, from British leather. They believe that sourcing and crafting locally is the most sustainable and responsible option, and in doing so they support traditional British craftsmanship and British jobs.

Photo credit: Padfield

Padfield was founded to be more than beautiful British accessories. They feel strongly about leaving a green footprint and supporting organisations like Creating Tomorrow’s Forests who are working to regenerate natural British landscapes. As a result, for every Padfield handbag sold, Padfield plants a tree in partnership with Creating Tomorrow's Forests.

Toby was delighted to show Loren and Paddy around the Charlotte's Wood site. Photo credit: Creating Tomorrow's Forests

"With a commitment to crafting in England and working with British suppliers, it is a natural fit for Padfield to champion initiatives that enhance local British communities and environments. With a growing international customer base Padfield also chose an initiative that produces a global benefit… CO2 absorption. On a personal note, I spent my childhood climbing trees and playing in woodlands. The opportunity to be part of gifting the joy (and necessity) of trees to the next generation is a daily inspiration. Hundreds of years from now, the trees we plant together will live on, creating homes for wildlife, replenishing natural landscapes, and working to reduce atmospheric CO2."

Visit Padfield’s website to discover their British Made leather handbags and unisex accessories

Cactus Energy

Cactus Energy aims to make renewable energy accessible for all through their wide range of bespoke service solutions. They work with individuals and businesses to help protect them from rising energy costs, to reduce their carbon footprints and future-proof their properties. They provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the most efficient and cost-effective renewable energy solutions, having completed projects on houses, factories, schools, hospitals, farms and even shipping containers.

Photo credit: Creating Tomorrow's Forests

Every Cactus Energy installation comes with the guarantee that all emissions associated with its production and transportation will be fully offset and support forest regeneration right here in the UK, at no additional cost to their customers. Minimising their own environmental impact is vital for Cactus Energy in their goal of helping the UK transition to a carbon neutral society.

“Creating Tomorrow’s Forests really stood out because they do more than just plant trees. They are experts on ecological restoration, whose sites will have lasting environmental benefits, create valuable habitats for wildlife and serve as a legacy for people to visit and enjoy. We also chose them because they are one of the few carbon offsetting schemes that plants trees in the UK. Many other projects plant non-native species in tropical countries and these are unlikely to become functioning forest ecosystems. It’s great that we can support wildlife and local communities here in Britain and that our customers can visit the very trees they helped to plant!”

For more information on the range of renewable energy solutions provided by Cactus Energy head to their website


We believe that businesses have a critical role to play in tackling the climate and biodiversity crises, and we are proud to work with a wide range of sectors to increase forest cover here in the UK. To find out more about our corporate packages, our partners, or the multitude of ways in which we can enhance your sustainability profile please drop us an email at


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