Press Release: CTF Through to Final Six in Bupa eco-Disruptive Competition

Press Release: CTF Through to Final Six in Bupa eco-Disruptive Competition

Creating Tomorrow’s Forests are delighted to announce that we are one of the final six competitors in Bupa’s eco-disruptive programme. In mid-July, Bupa employees voted in their thousands to select a winner from six categories to take part in the programme where CTF will develop a Minimum Viable Proposition (MVP) new product in collaboration with Bupa employees.

Creating Tomorrow’s Forests is the UK winner of the ‘Biodiversity’ challenge which looks at ways to increase, restore, or protect biodiversity around the world.

The eco-Disruptive Programme is an ambitious and innovative collaborative project that forms part of Bupa’s response to tackling the biggest challenges facing humanity. Bupa has identified six challenges that impact the health of people and planet: ‘Healthy Cities and Citizens’, ‘Circular Economy’ ‘Biodiversity’, ‘Climate Change’, ‘Education and Behaviour’, ‘Sustainable transport and clean air’.

In the next phase of the programme CTF will be representing Bupa’s solution to the biodiversity challenge in the UK and competing with a startup from each of the five other challenge areas in the final stage to win a place in the global final, where Bupa employees around the world will decide which of the country finalists will be the recipient of a £200,000 investment.

Biodiversity describes the astonishing variety and variability of living organisms on planet Earth, and the complex web of interactions that connects them together. It is essential to humanity because it provides the air that we breathe, medicines to heal us, and the food that we eat. The biodiversity of our planet is under serious threat from human activities, however, and we may be causing the sixth mass extinction event, and losing all species at a faster rate than at any time in the Earth’s history.

Deforestation is one of the key drivers of biodiversity loss and forest ecosystems are critical to global biodiversity, housing 80% of terrestrial biodiversity, including 75% of bird species and 68% of mammal species. Increasing forest biodiversity can also increase carbon capture, so planting diverse forests provides a dual benefit. Forests also help to reduce soil erosion, reduce local temperatures, assist with water management, and improve our wellbeing.

Working with Bupa in the programme we aim to create diverse new forests and habitats, encouraging people to engage with their local biodiversity and educating them to understand how to preserve it. We will then use digital solutions linked to social media to develop this local awareness into a global ethical consciousness, working to increase biodiversity around the world.

We will also work with Bupa to plant trees for their employees, patients and members in dedicated Bupa forests, as well as plant trees for those who wish to leave a lasting legacy. Finally we will aim to create biodiverse micro-forests on Bupa sites for health and well-being benefits and educational purposes.

You can read more about the eco-Disruptive programme here. For more information about how Creating Tomorrow's Forests is working to increase biodiversity in the UK, have a look at details of our current planting site in Somerset.

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